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Preferences are global settings which are not project-specific. They are stored on a per-machine basis and persist when you close and open the Chromatik application. Open the Preferences menu by pressing ⌘ , or clicking the wrench icon in the Settings Toolbar.

Zoom UI

Scales the UI up to a maximum 200% factor. When using a high-density display, values less than 100% are permitted. Zoom may also be changed by pressing ⌘+ + ⌘-. ⌘0 resets the zoom to 100%.


Toggles between the default dark theme and a light UI theme.

Show Help Bar

Whether to show the contextual help bar along the bottom of the application window. May be toggled with ⇧?.

Focus Channel on Cue

When active, anytime that the Cue control for a channel is activated, the channel is also automatically given UI and control surface focus.

Auto-Focus Active Pattern

Similar to the above, automatically changes UI + control surface focus on a channel when the active pattern changes, whether due to a manual change or an auto-cycle rotation.

Send Cue to Live Output

When active, Cue selection impacts not just the Preview Window but also the live network output. The Cue buttons in the UI are relabeled Live in this case.

Enable Project Scheduler

If active, an additional Schedule button is shown in the Project Toolbar. A Schedule specifies a list of projects that will be automatically opened at a particular time of day, with an optional fade-out.

Schedule files can be saved and restored. They use the *.lxs file extension. If the scheduler is enabled and active, it will continue to operate automatically every time the Chromatik application opens. This can be useful for permanent installations where Chromatik starts automatically anytime the machine is booted.