Windows Setup

Get up and running on Windows.

  1. Download and unzip the Windows Installer ›
  2. Run Chromatik-1.0.0.msi. When presented with the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen overlay, click the More info text.
  3. Click the Run anyway button.
  4. In the User Account Control prompt, click the Yes button.
  5. Shortcuts will be placed on your Desktop and in the Start Menu. The application is installed to C:\Program Files\Chromatik\

Run with Shell Output

Chromatik can be run in a Windows terminal environment using PowerShell ›

To see console output, pipe the output of Chromatik.exe into the echo command.

PS C:\Users\mcslee> cd 'C:\Program Files\Chromatik\'
PS C:\Program Files\Chromatik> .\Chromatik.exe | echo

To run headless with no GUI, use the --headless flag and specify your project file.

PS C:\Program Files\Chromatik> .\Chromatik.exe --headless '<Path-to-Project-File>' | echo