Package heronarts.lx

Class LXModulatorComponent

All Implemented Interfaces:
LXLoopTask, LXPath, LXSerializable, LXParameterListener
Direct Known Subclasses:
LXAudioEngine, LXBlend, LXDynamicColor, LXModelComponent, LXModulationEngine, Tempo

public abstract class LXModulatorComponent extends LXComponent implements LXLoopTask
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • LXModulatorComponent

      protected LXModulatorComponent(LX lx)
    • LXModulatorComponent

      protected LXModulatorComponent(LX lx, String label)
  • Method Details

    • constructProfiler

      protected LXModulatorComponent.Profiler constructProfiler()
    • addModulator

      public <T extends LXModulator> T addModulator(String path, T modulator)
    • addModulator

      public final <T extends LXModulator> T addModulator(T modulator)
    • addModulator

      public final <T extends LXModulator> T addModulator(T modulator, JsonObject modulatorObj)
    • addModulator

      public final <T extends LXModulator> T addModulator(T modulator, int index)
    • addModulator

      public <T extends LXModulator> T addModulator(T modulator, int index, JsonObject modulatorObj)
    • moveModulator

      public <T extends LXModulator> T moveModulator(T modulator, int index)
    • startModulator

      public final <T extends LXModulator> T startModulator(T modulator)
    • removeModulator

      public <T extends LXModulator> T removeModulator(T modulator)
    • getModulator

      public LXModulator getModulator(String label)
    • getModulators

      public List<LXModulator> getModulators()
    • dispose

      public void dispose()
      Description copied from class: LXComponent
      Invoked when a component is being removed from the system and will no longer be used at all. This unregisters the component and should free up any resources and parameter listeners. Ideally after this method is called the object should be eligible for garbage collection. Subclasses are generally expected to override this method to handle their particular cleanup work. They should also generally call super.dispose() at the appropriate time to perform the basic cleanup, which may need to happen either before or after cleaning up other objects.
      dispose in class LXComponent
    • loop

      public void loop(double deltaMs)
      Specified by:
      loop in interface LXLoopTask